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We offer a diverse array of workshops and webinars for various groups, including but not limited to organizations businesses, institutions, and programs. We also offer customized workshops and webinars tailored to your specific needs.



Fried KɔKɔɔ for the Mind and Soul™ 

Fried KɔKɔɔ for the Mind and Soul™ is a globally innovative Africentric mental health
workshop series. Centering Black joy, dismantling stigma, and practices that ground mental,
emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, the series provides practical tools of self-care deeply
connected to the Black diasporic experience through the analogy of fried plantain!



A Softer LIFE

A Softer Life is an enriching wellness workshop series catered to supporting the unique
mental and emotional needs of Black women. Attendees will explore strong Black women
schema, and its impact in deterring mental health support and wellness from an
intergenerational lens.  


Offering an Africentric approach, Black women will support their mental health and wellness through affirming healthy cultural identity, sisterhood, hair care and the cultivation of compassion. Attendees will be provided psychoeducation on emotional
regulation, self-talk and core beliefs in order to enhance abilities to cope, thrive and heal intergenerationally.



Be Gentler!
A Compass to Caring for Black & Racialized Student Wellness

Be Gentler will facilitate a therapeutic space for students to explore and support their mental
health and well-being. Attendees will engage in interactive and psychoeducational exercises
that assist in managing anxiety, stress, and diverse challenges to student mental health. The
session will work to honour the unique cultural identity, strengths and capacities of
students, while affirming nuanced systemic challenges impacting their wellness in education.
As a result of their attendance, participants will gain practical tools to respond to anxiety,
nurture their identity, enhance positive self-talk and practices that holistically support their
overall wellness.


Freeing Ourselves from Imposter Syndrome

Freeing Ourselves from Imposter Syndrome creates a unique space to explore the phenomena through the impact of intersecting oppressions. The session will offer African value systems and a communal affirming space to explore individual and intergenerational beliefs that add to the manifestations of imposter syndrome. Through analogies that embed healing centered approaches, participants will learn ways to reframe self-talk, limited beliefs, and community care. As a result, attendees will gain practices to address from imposter syndrome in educational and vocational spaces through embracing the power in their cultural identity and ancestral histories.


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Our specialized workshops, include but are not limited to:

  • Addressing anxiety and depression

  • Black mental health and culturally-centered

  • Coping skills and mental health psychoeducation

  • Gender-based violence & healthy relationships

  • Meditation and mindfulness sessions 

  • Racialized mental health

  • Self-compassion and self-esteem

  • Student and youth well-being

The Gathering with She Be Lady

March 2023

“Thanks so much for such an informative and thought-provoking presentation. Its giving me a lot to reflect on. I’ve been really thinking about the connection in working with folks who are newer to Canada, what culture means and how much it impacts families to feel disconnected here. This gave me some great tools to take back in working with families.”

Africentric Webinar Participant


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Toronto, ON

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